RECORD ATTEMPT (Performance)

The piece describes the effort to play “The Longest Guitar
Solo Ever Played” and herewith break the world record
in this category.

The attempt takes place in a closed space where the performer
and an official notary are situated. Visitors of the venue can
follow the ongoing action through a spy hole in the wall. The
setup within the space consists of a small stage, an amplifier,
a guitar, an office desk and a time display. A video camera is
positioned in the room to stream the performance live over
the internet.

The attempt to reach and break the world record is hosted by
WSM – World Records In Sound and Music, an agency dedi-
cated to the measuring of contemporary sound phenomena.
The work consists of a series of attempts to accordingly break
and outplay the record as far as possible. The actual record
constitutes 17h21min.