Stationsraum Für Assimilativen Zahlwitz

In an accessible room ten cube-like objects are placed on
the floor. Their alignment in relation to the surrounding walls
is strictly symmetrical. The objects consisting of gelatine have
a height of approximately 8”, in each cube a voice coil is cast
in. Via the voice coils audio signals are transferred onto the
gelatine bodies. Each cube is informed with a spoken digit
from 1-10.

The surrounding walls of the room construction (wood) are
acoustically animated. Invisible to the visitors of the space
the required technical devices are attached to the exterior of
the walls. Acoustic atmospheres and spatial impressions of a
psychiatric ward are algorithmically transferred onto the wall
surfaces. A lucent ceiling allows an indirect but intense lighting.
The walls and the floor are painted in white with a slight
gradation of brightness.

The objects can be touched in order to experience the im-
material information on a corporeal concrete level.